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It may be complicated and complex.

There are a myriad of rules and regulations where laws may change from place to place, and communities continually grow, evolve and mature over time.

We can help guide you through the process for maximum success.

We are accredited experts in the fields of community organising, town planning, architecture, building, and social ecology,

We consult to our wide network of experts locally, nationally and internationally who are in or work with government, community and advocacy groups, published academics and research scientists, town planners, building certifiers - in short we talk to the people who write the rules in a network that covers local, national and international.

As well as talking to the experts in many varied fields of permaculture, technology, economy and governance, renewables, sustainability, environment, natural waste processing and both ethical and sustainable building practices. 

community organising and building including social permaculture, reputation systems, timebanking, sociocracy and holacracy

technology and economy like blockchain, reputation systems, timebanking, alternative and crypto-currencies (where relevant)

Our team have travelled the world researching and living in world-renowned ecovillages, participating in academic conferences, connecting with the global ecovillage network.

We also concede that "transition" and "healing" is a necessary part of this process. It is a nebulous world steeped in the often opaque world known as the New Age however we are confident that these concepts are embedded naturally into our design solutions and naturally unroll with the tools and platforms we establish.

We are connected to behavioural change agents, social engineers, accredited hypnotherapists and psychologists, but we genuinely believe healing should not be treated as an individualised experience focussing on the ego/id based in outdated Freudian psychology, but it should be a group thing, a shared experience, and that in our design recommendations are inherent healing and transitional patterns that naturally unroll and help teach people to tune into their own intelligent IQ and instincts.

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