​Here are a few of the features that will be demonstrated in this working prototype of a self-powered tiny house on wheels that is affordable, eco, mobile, modular, versatile, as well as off-road and off-the-grid, essentially a self-contained living biome.

This tiny house may be parked anywhere without the need for a hookup. You may even stop in a national park in, say, a dried-up dusty river bed in the desert with all the mod-cons and functionality of a normal suburban house + a whole lot more.


  • Double-size bed folds up into a generous day lounge sofa.

  • Air to water generator generates over 15 litres of water per day (upgradable to 30 litres)
    May also be used as an internal clothes drier & dehumidifier, with anti-mould capability.

  • The removable trailer may be used as the deck, or to move other modules.

  • Full hi-speed internet WiFi using Elon Musk’s Starlink Internet dish offering up to 330/500 mbps pending coverage.

  • Efficient instantaneous electric hot water heating system.

  • Fully self-contained shower cubicle.

  • Washing Machine (full size, 8.5kg)

  • Clothes Drier

  • Composting toilet / Porta Pottie.

  • Kitchenette with Kitchen Sink, under sink storage and cutlery drawer and storage cupboards.

  • Microwave combi convection oven

  • Induction cooking hotplates.

  • Climatically efficient build with a Mitsubishi full reverse cycle air conditioner for heating & cooling.

  • Full Smart home assistant speaker featuring full voice control.

  • Smart full colour lighting control (even turns into a disco).

  • Storage tanks for grey and fresh water in the sub-floor.

  • Roof guttering diversion into a first pour tank and finally stored in sub-floor tanks.

  • Indoor planter boxes for growing micro-greens and herbs.

  • Interconnectable with other similarly designed modules to build a pavilion or exploding house as big as a mansion if desired via 2-3 connecting doorways.

  • Signature large round portal window.

  • Built to NCC (National Construction Code).

  • Fully legal & built for certification.

  • Legally removable from the trailer and placed on the ground with tie-downs and stumps or on a slab.

  • Metal base and sub-floor.

  • Connectable to an electric vehicle (BYD) that may be used as a house battery.

  • Additional solar trailer recommended.


We feel that our tiny houses on wheels combined with smart home technology, innovation, and continued R&D may lead to improved living outcomes for people.


We see outcomes in terms of affordable housing, environmental sustainability, scalable cohousing & communities, off-grid living, as well as reducing the impact on the planet by enabling more efficient infill housing and land sharing, enabling mobile and nomadic living.

This should ultimately restore a sense of connection and community for people and help lead to a more meaningful way of life.

We plan to open-source the design, and are always looking for builders and manufacturers to help make these affordable tiny houses for an exponentially growing mainstream tiny housing market.


Dimensions for the Polkadot LivingFree tiny house are:

  • 3 m x 2.5 m (roughly 8 x 10 foot - half-size shipping container standard, two may be loaded onto a standard shipping container / tilt tray truck)

  • < 4 m at its highest point (when on trailer)

  • Trailer rated 3.5 tonnes (GTM)

  • Estimated weight < 3 tonnes.

  • Curved pitch roof

  • Internal 10 cm wall structure made from a quality CNC cut plywood

  • Polyester insulation batts

  • Shadowclad exterior

  • Pine ply interior & finish

  • Strong carbon-negative structure.

  • Solar: 3 kwh of panels over two solar awnings plus roof

  • Battery: 12 kwh

  • Inverter: 5000 watts continuous output

  • Bushman's 130 litre caravan fridge (12/24v)​​



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Designed by Ahtee Chia and Jimmyz Hirst. All computer generated images courtesy of Ben McMillan.
Images may not represent the final product. Please keep refreshing page for updates.



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