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Jimmy Hirst (MC/DJ)


Jimmy is a former leading double platinum-selling DJ hailing from the Nova FM network, Club [V] and Channel [V] on Foxtel, Austereo Sea/Hot FM, and Wild FM Sydney and Brisbane as chief music programmer, and one of the country's leading touring DJ's, with media experience and a seasoned performer who's inspired millions.

Organiser and Founding Director of Polkadot, Jimmy leads an inspiring and compelling talk about building the tools to help people to live more sustainably and feel a greater sense of connection and community, which may inspire a shift to a more contented and meaningful way for the broader population to live.

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Janet 'JJ' Josie Blake


Janet "JJ" Josie Blake is a world-renowned thought leader, envisioneer & venture altruist who has lived enriched experiences travelling around the planet connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Janet hosts 'Noosophians' a regular engaging theosophical discussions and she brings great wisdom and powerful thought-provoking presentations, abstractions and ceremonies to inspire the kind of changes humanity is yearning for now.

Janet is one of the founders of Polkadot.

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JJ and Kahli - Tiny Homes Expo Sept 2021 Cleveland - 62d86da6-9c77-4486-69ab-e4a5dc79c095.


Derek is the Jamie Oliver of Soil & Fungi', and with his infectious passion and natural charisma, he will show you how to build your organic soil in just 18 months, what nature takes over five hundred years to achieve, and how to maintain this important factor to last forever.


Following nature's laws, he will show you how to add beneficial fungi to restore non-productive soils back to rich microbial and fertile "living" soil. Regenerating the right balance of beneficial fungi and microbes this is to increase crop nutrition & improved yields, leading to significantly improved health outcomes, boosting plants' immune systems and overall health, passing these onto you like nutritional density, enhanced cognitive abilities & more simply by focusing on soil humus. Increasing your immune system and the endless benefits to follow, ultimately helping grow your own resilient organic food community. Learn more from Earthlove Global.


Ash Goulston & team


Ash's natural enthusiasm and passion for communal dwellings is infectious, and the role she feels they can play to helping build tiny communities forms part of a fantastic vision for future living.

They are extremely affordable, highly insulated and breathable, large enough to even fit shipping containers, relatively easy to build and movable, strong in construction and weatherproof with the right maintenance, and are the perfect solution for a community loungeroom/kitchen/abolition blocks, and smaller domes even make for perfect bedroom and remote office locations in beautiful off-grid bushland locations.

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Richard Henry Whitehurst


Founder of The Overview Institute of Australia, Richard is a Clinical Hypnotist, Psychotherapist, Published Author, Father, Husband, ‘Possibillian’ and ‘Planetary Contextualist’ and has been involved in meditation and helping others to expand awareness since 1970.

His incredible presentation, 'The Overview Effect' is a powerful movie and talk that has changed people's lives - Forever. An overview of the planet that astronauts report feeling changed once they return to earth from deep outer space.


Ahtee Chia

B Arch, M Sc Social Ecology

Ahtee Chia brings over four decades of architectural and town planning experience to his presentations on affordably designed Tiny Housing and small village living.

Ahtee was born into an extended family who all grew up on a Malaysian hillside sharing the same clan name 'Chia', and from an early age was exposed to village living. Children respected their elders, and elders passed on their wisdom to the children.

Co-Designer of the Polkadot 'Living Free' Tiny House building system, Ahtee draws a warmly attentive audience imparting his softly spoken and gentle wisdom, and also leads instructional classes on Qigong and Tai Chi.

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Cyril Bourke

EMF & Radiation

Cyril speaks with scientific authority and first-hand experience when it comes to the emerging awareness of radio frequency radiation from hand-held devices like mobile phones, wireless laptops and tablets, charging stations, radio broadcast and 4G/5G mobile phone towers, high voltage transmission lines + more.

Cyril received his first qualifications in radio communications and radio electronics 1983. He then went on to become an IBM trained engineer and a licenced electrician. He has worked for both the British Military (Royal Signals & Special Air Service) and the Hong Kong Government.

Through his practice EMF Busters he offers consultancy how best to deal with, and reducing the effects of EMF, flickering LED & fluorescent lighting and 'dirty power' in your home, and he will be speaking and opening up a Q&A at our events.

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