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 to build the tools and demonstrate the values and principles of sustainable community living to the broader population in an accessible and engaging way, which may also help lead to a more meaningful way to live


polkadot • openly collaborates with aligned groups and individuals who are serious about creating pathways for moving towards more transitional and regenerative practices in society


We are a social enterprise that is -


• designing and prototyping Tiny House building systems to fit into a wider ecosystem of Tiny Living

 • touring a fun & experiential demonstration of a future sustainable Tiny Village off-grid community

 • building an app to facilitate land-sharing and create more affordable accommodation, as well as build connective and mutually beneficial synergies between land owners and tenants bridging generations and demographics, also enabling more aging in place, rural farmhand workers, support and property maintenance

 • liaising with government, community groups, advocates, and academics worldwide to help educate and inspire people on how Tiny Housing may help lead to more affordable, eco, and connective ways to live

• allowing people to do tiny stays in Tiny Housing and experience Tiny Living for themselves

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