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A display of an affordable, eco, mobile, modular building system for off-grid Tiny Houses On Wheels




Jimmyz Hirst (MC/DJ)


Jimmy is a former leading double platinum-selling DJ hailing from the Nova FM network, Club [V] and Channel [V] on Foxtel, Austereo Sea/Hot FM, and Wild FM Sydney and Brisbane as chief music programmer, and one of the country's leading touring DJ's, with media experience and a seasoned performer who's inspired millions.

Organiser and Founding Director of Polkadot, Jimmy is passionate about inspiring and building the tools to help people live more sustainably, while feeling a greater sense of community which may lead to a more contented and meaningful way for people to live. 


Janet Josie Blake


Janet "JJ" Josie Blake is a world-renowned thought leader, envisioneer & venture altruist who has lived enriched experiences travelling around the planet connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Janet hosts 'Noosophians' a regular weekly Noosa gathering from which she brings wisdom, powerful presentations and ceremonies to inspire the kind of changes humanity is now yearning for.

Janet is one of the Founding Directors of Polkadot.


Ahtee Chia

B Arch, M Sc Social Ecology

Ahtee Chia brings over four decades of architectural and town planning experience to his presentations on affordably designed Tiny Housing and small village living.

Ahtee was born into an extended family who all grew up on a Malaysian hillside sharing the same clan name 'Chia', and from an early age was exposed to village living. Children respected their elders, and elders passed on their wisdom to the children.

Co-Designer of the Polkadot 'Living Free' Tiny House building system, Ahtee draws a warmly attentive audience imparting his softly spoken and gentle wisdom.

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