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Marc & Milly  Kids Ecotainment

Marc Bright is our "Steve Irwin of the Environment" and has been working with children for a decade creating Joyology around preserving our planet.

Marc Bright & Milly are passionate advocates and children's educators for Water, Soil and Land Care, Creature Care and Aboriginal Understandings of our Country and bvring their very own infectious and charismatic sense of fun everywhere they travel, through face-painting, interactive song & dance, art, puppetry, their hallmark rainbow flags, games, activities, and Conscious Cartooning, weaving beautifully entertaining, engaging, safe and fun ecotainment for children of all ages.

Marc Bright pres. JOYOLOGY NOW

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Derek James Butterfield


Derek is the Jamie Oliver of Soil & Fungi', and with his infectious passion and natural charisma, he will show you how to build your organic soil in just 18 months, what nature takes over five hundred years to achieve, and how to maintain this important factor to last forever.


Following nature's laws, he will show you how to add beneficial fungi to restore non-productive soils back to rich microbial and fertile "living" soil. Regenerating the right balance of beneficial fungi and microbes this is to increase crop nutrition & improved yields, leading to significantly improved health outcomes, boosting plants' immune systems and overall health, passing these onto you like nutritional density, enhanced cognitive abilities & more simply by focusing on soil humus. Increasing your immune system and the endless benefits to follow, ultimately helping grow your own resilient organic food community. Learn more from Earthlove Global.


Shevaun & Ben



Ben & Shevaun Russell are passionate advocates for environmentally-aware living, connected with their work with The Wilderness Society and local activism to help preserve the Gold Coast Hinterland and Brisbane-Logan regions from unsustainable over-development.

'Balanced Backyards' is a series of engaging hands-on workshops for children of all ages with lessons on how to make backyard hotels for native wildlife and bring them back into the suburbs. You may be leaving with a little bee hotel or a Fact Sheet on how to build a micro-bat hotel in your own backyard, among many things.

Together Ben & Shevaun instruct workshops on Aircrete Design for Domes as well as for all kinds of sustainable, low budget and natural building. Shevaun is also a children's eco storybook writer & storyteller.

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Ash Goulston


Ash's natural enthusiasm and passion for communal dwellings is infectious, and the role she feels they can play to helping build tiny communities forms part of a fantastic vision for future living.

They are extremely affordable, highly insulated and breathable, large enough to even fit shipping containers, relatively easy to build and movable, strong in construction and weatherproof with the right maintenance, and are the perfect solution for a community loungeroom/kitchen/abolition blocks, and smaller domes even make for perfect bedroom and remote office locations in beautiful off-grid bushland locations.

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Darren Walters


Darren Walters is a long-established electric vehicles advocate based in Noosa, Queensland named Ecotekk, ushering in a new generation of electric vehicles to help cut carbon emissions and more efficiently move people.

Darren looks after the sales and hiring of electric transport, Noosa eco-tours, along with quick training and back-up service and maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your new electric vehicle.

Enjoy this opportunity to be guided on a safe demonstration of the best & newest in electric bikes, electric motorcycles, trikes and e-scooters!

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Ahtee Chia

B Arch, M Sc Social Ecology

Ahtee Chia brings many decades of learned ancient wisdom to his classes on qi gong (tai chi).


Kind of similar to yoga, Qi Gong is a system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial arts training.


With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, qigong is traditionally viewed by the Chinese and throughout Asia as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (pronounced approximately as "chi" or "chee"), translated as "life energy".

Ahtee is also the Co-Designer of the Polkadot 'Living Free' Tiny House, and he draws a warmly attentive audience by imparting his softly spoken and gentle wisdom.

Ahtee Chia - Maleny Public Meeting - 23c7ecfb-ed33-cfe4-fb81-db7ad2097a31.jpeg
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