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Jimmyz Hirst (DJ)


Jimmyz is a former leading double platinum selling DJ hailing from the Nova FM network, Club [V] and Channel [V] on Foxtel, Austereo Sea/Hot FM, and Wild FM Sydney and Brisbane as a chief programmer and network DJ.

Jimmy has toured Australia for many decades as one of the country's leading DJs, and is one of the most approachable - guaranteed to move almost any crowd with incredible hits, anthems and remixes with his own special kind of magic that has inspired millions.

Janet Josie Blake


Janet "JJ" Josie Blake is a world-renowned thought leader, envisioneer & venture altruist who has lived enriched experiences travelling around the planet connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Janet hosts 'Noosophians' a regular weekly Noosa gathering from which she brings wisdom, powerful presentations and ceremonies to inspire the kind of change humanity is now yearning for.

Marc Bright


Marc Bright is our "Steve Irwin of the Environment" and has been working with children for a decade creating Joyology around preserving our planet.

Educating while entertaining on the Sunshine Coast of Australia for almost a decade, Marc brings his very own infectious and charismatic sense of fun to everywhere he travels with his hallmark signature rainbow flag, facepainting, games and activities for all kids young and old.

Mel Sparkles


Mel Sparkles hosts an open forum discussion with expert panelists from the Tiny Housing movement.

Mel runs the popular Tiny Houses Brisbane (Facebook Group) and is the Queensland lead for Australian Tiny Houses Association (ATHA).

A great forum to answer all your questions on Tiny Housing, gain insight and listen to  advice from those who live tiny.

Richard Henry Whitehurst


Founder of The Overview Institute of Australia, Richard is a Clinical Hypnotist, Psychotherapist, Published Author, Father, Husband, ‘Possibillian’ and ‘Planetary Contextualist’ and has been involved in meditation and helping others to expand awareness since 1970.

His incredible presentation, 'The Overview Effect' is a powerful movie and talk that has changed people's lives - Forever. An overview of the planet that astronauts report feeling changed once they return to earth from deep outer space.

Ian Draaisma


Ian is a highly renowned sound master,  meditator, yoga instructor, and specialises in children's dance and musical artistry; he is also an accomplished guitar soloist and collaborative musician.

He works in body breath and sound to inspire the true free spirited inner child within all of us to emerge with boundless energy and zest for life, with a deep understanding for awakening the individual and audiences. 

Ian is a qualified Mental Health Social Worker and is also an Ambassador for the Global Eco Village Network.

Darren Walters


Darren Walters is an electric vehicles advocate based in Noosa, Queensland called Ecotekk - bringing in a new generation of electric vehicles to help cut carbon emissions and more efficiently move people.

Darren looks after the sales and hires of electric transport, Noosa eco-tours, along with quick training and back-up service and maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your new electric vehicle.

Enjoy this opportunity to be guided on a safe demonstration of the best & newest in electric bikes, trikes and e-scooters!

Michael Ney


Michael Ney is an accomplished director, producer, filmmaker, photographer and resident at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village.

He is also publisher and editor of 'Eco Village Voice' online community which produces a local and global magazine.

Michael has produced 'Crystal Waters - 30 Years On', an outstanding documentary and presents special talks and movie presentations.

Terri Waller


Terri Waller's social enterprise Deadly Espresso in Eumundi Queensland is growing in popularity, and from her food van she will be serving up great sustainable coffee and bush tucker.

Terri loves to change lives and share her lifelong ambition to inspire the broader community, through conscious conversations, to connect with the land, nature, themselves and each other through the indigenous wisdom passed down from generations in the Dreamtime, through her association SevGen.

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