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The quick answer is: anywhere you can park a bus, truck or caravan.'

Technically, a Tiny House On Wheels is classed as a Caravan. A Tiny House in a fixed location that can be moved by a truck or semi-trailer is classed as a "relocatable" dwelling, and a Tiny House in a fixed location that is not moving is often referred to as a fixed dwelling that is subject to all building codes, regulations and town planning requirements for the local council area.


We provide free informed expertise and consultation in helping place every Tiny House that we build for you.

We help provide clarity on the myriad of rules and regulations regarding the legal placement of all dwellings.

We provide a service that offers a detailed written report on your nominated address or location(s) according to local council regulations, town planning guidelines, and any relevant building codes and information, identifying all of the issues that surround placing additional dwellings on any property around Australia, and foresee issues that may arise now and well into the future, making recommendations accordingly to ensure the best outcomes for you and your Tiny House.

Which can often also lead to the the next question:




Learn how Tiny Houses may be the key to creating connected and sustainable communities for the future.
Be inspired about how this type of eco smart, mobile housing can overcome community isolation and disconnection, and start to regenerate the small village living model for a more meaningful and effective way to live.


We are respected, trusted and well-traveled industry leaders based on decades of academic research, experience and networking within the wider fields of sustainability and community in this highly complex arena. Often most people, and sometimes even councils and government are not fully aware of what is possible under their very own town plans.

We are ourselves, and we are connected to: local, national and international experts in town planning, industry advocates, regulatory government authorities, academics, community groups operating in the many varied fields of community building, co-housing and co-living, ecovillage models, social architecture, public health, support structures, economy, governance, progressive legal and technical structures, approval processes, renewable energy, off-grid living, building certification, engineering, safety, heatlh & wellbeing, sustainable composting and waste disposal, organic farming in permaculture and syntropic agroforestry, renewable energy and water sequestration as well as progressive complimentary technologies.

The benefits from this almost revolutionary new approach to contemporary housing include -

Affordable Housing
Social Housing
Aging In Place & more meaningful Aged-Care
Emergency & Disaster Shelter
Easily movable accommodation under climate change

Reducing Environmental Impact

Mental and Social Health

+ plenty more


By Ahtee Chia

Lead Architect, Designer & Consultant for Polkadot LivingFree

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FEBRUARY 9, 2021

To any interested people that are considering the services of Polkadot, I can only 100% recommend them.

Before I came into contact with Polkadot I was having to rely on local services of Town Planners and Building Inspectors. Considering the nature of my requests (tiny home community/village) the local services weren’t eager nor very interested in helping me. In fact it was as if I had to beg them to spare me their time. This is for two reasons; 1/ being that the local building developments are very busy and 2/ is that what I am requesting is out of the box, and maybe too hard. I was honestly nearly giving up on my plans.

When I came into contact with Polkadot this all changed and now my hope is renewed. I state that we haven’t got there yet with my project and there aren’t any guarantees that it will, but now at the least I have a fighting chance! Polkadot are interested, experienced and keen to help projects like my own that are out of the box which can help community. Polkadot are driven for positive change towards the tiny house movement. They are also very easy communicate with, be it on messenger, emails & phone.

I conclude that I trust the services from Polkadot and I feel very grateful to have made contact with them.

Yours truly

Rone Bakuwel & family - Mackay, Queensland, Australia

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