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    Housing Affordability & Homelessness   

Housing is a basic human right, however for many it is becoming increasingly out of reach.

Everyday property values are increasing beyond average household wages and income growth; Sunshine Coast workers and families are experiencing incredible hardships like never before from the rising cost of basic accommodation through exploding rentals, taxes, and mortgages, as well as having a knock-on effect to increasing an unsustainable cost of living.

This is affecting EVERY single resident living on the Sunshine Coast both rich and poor.


Homelessness is increasing at a daily rate, and the resulting rise in the cost of living is in tandem with property, and the knock-on net effect of all of this is going to affect every single person living on the Sunshine Coast.

We can improve this situation.

You can make a difference to improve this situation by doing three simple things.

Your feedback during this preliminary stage is very important and it will influence the preparation of the new Proposed Planning Scheme for the Sunshine Coast.

We have a deadline of 31 March 2022.

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    1. Take The Survey   

Tell Council about the truth of Housing Distress.

Complete the A. Regional Survey, and then complete the B. Local Survey for your area.


Click the link (below), scroll down, select ‘Take the short survey’


Click the link (below), scroll down, select ‘Take the short survey’

    2. Hot Planning Topics   

Get onto the Council website and Have Your Say.

There are a couple of Hot Planning Topic discussions on our Council's website that we can comment on to influence housing affordability, housing diversity and homelessness.

Some of the topics that relate to housing are:

  • Affordable living and housing affordability

  • Dual occupancies and secondary dwellings

  • Design of multiple dwellings

  • Uses in rural areas


What to do -

  1. Click the link

  2. Scroll down to the ‘Hot Planning Topics’ survey

  3. Tick Boxes relevant to your area of interest

  4. Provide comments relating to each of your ‘Hot Topics’

  5. Provide your email address


    3. Email Your Local    


Direct contact is the most effective, tried-and-tested method for citizens to bring about regulatory and political change.


Please send a personal, direct, polite and clear email to your local councillor.

What we suggest you talk about in your email, please choose what is in your interests:


  • Are you experiencing homelessness?  Then share your story and tell them what changes they could make that could help you.

  • Are you priced out of the market?  Then share your story and share your thoughts on how we could make housing more affordable.

  • Are you finding it difficult to get a rental?  Share your story and share how the council could increase the number of rentals available.

  • Are you a landowner that would like to share your land and provide more housing options?

  • Are you heading to retirement and want something other than the typical retirement village?  Then share what type of living environment you would like to see.

  • Tell them how you feel about housing affordability in your area, and that you would like to see something done about it.


The Sunshine Coast is split into ten separate divisions.

Find out which Division you live in

Then send a personal email to your Local Councillor (below) according to what Division you live in:

Division 1 – Rick Baberowski (Deputy Mayor)

Division 2 – Terry Landsberg

Division 3 – Peter Cox

Division 4 – Joe Natoli

Division 5 – Winston Johnston

Division 6 – Christian Dickson

Division 7 – Ted Hungerford

Division 8 – Jason O’Pray

Division 9 – Maria Suarez

Division 10 – David Law

Mayor – Mark Jamieson

If you want to know their responsibilities whether it be environment, economic development or community development, check out this website page.


Let your local member know what you want from the new planning scheme. Your feedback early in the process will influence the preparation of the proposed planning scheme.

Make it personal, express your concerns and share how they could use the new planning scheme to increase housing affordability, housing diversity and reduce homelessness. Each area of the Sunshine Coast will have different housing needs, let’s try and get a planning scheme that meets them. What residents near the beach want when it comes to housing affordability will be different from those living on rural properties?

They must read and respond to every email/letter they receive, after all, they are our elected representatives, and we are their constituents/clients.
Direct contact is the most effective, tried-and-tested method for citizens to bring about regulatory change.

And it works.

We are all experiencing housing or lack of housing in different ways.  It is important that our elected representatives understand how it is affecting you.  It is important to share, here are some suggestions.

Surveys do not capture your stories or thoughts, but it is important our councillors hear directly from you. Share your own story, your current experience, and what you want in the future.

Everyone should have a home, but many don’t. Access to housing have become tight for many residents of the Sunshine Coast. Homelessness is increasing at a rapid rate, houses are becoming unaffordable, and the rental vacancy rate is almost zero. It common to have 60 to 70 people at a rental inspection. Many are suffering, stressed, and depressed, not knowing if they will have to move away from family and long standing friends to find cheaper housing.

Sunshine Coast Council is preparing a new planning scheme that will replace the current Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014. The new plan process is anticipated to take two to three years to complete. We are at the initial step, the preliminary public consultation stage. An opportunity for us to have our say and what we would like in the new town plan.


Here is an overview of the New Planning Scheme -


To learn more, there are several online information sessions for each local community


We have a rare opportunity to influence how our council tackles housing affordability in our new town plan. If we want to improve our housing diversity beyond typical suburban houses, high density housing like Aura, apartments, and retirement villages, then we need to let them know of the viable affordable alternatives. What type of housing do you want and how would you like to see it developed. If we want something different that meets our changing need, we need to speak up. Take the survey to let them know what you think or tell them how you are experiencing housing stress in the survey links above.

If you are experiencing homelessness or housing distress, or know someone who is, please contact us.


We have a rare and limited opportunity to have our voices heard. Please use this opportunity in the three ways we have mentioned. The last thing you can do is please share this with your community/network. The more people who contribute, the better the outcome.

Thank You & Love From Us

Maleny Workgroup on Housing Affordability & Homelessness
Initiated by the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre + Affiliated Centres

Also in support of this project -

 • Maleny Neighbourhood Centre (Initiating Organisation) -

 • Maleny Community House: (Michael "Laughing Wolf")

 • Glasshouse Over 55s Women's Accommodation

 • Polkadot Community Incorporated Association

 • Maleny Lane

 • Maleny Eco Village

 • Eco Villages Australia -

 • Priority Purpose

 • Tiny Towns Australia

 • Tiny Rooms
• Smart Living Society Incorporated

 • Tiny Homes Expo (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne)

 • Transition Towns Sunshine Coast

 + Participating Regional Neighbourhood Centres

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