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Tiny House Eco Communities : Podcast by Lucy Lich with Jimmy Hirst

Jimmy Hirst is an experienced tiny houser from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland who runs the organisation, Polkadot, supporting sustainable and community-based living.

Jimmy is a passionate, self-professed social entrepreneur and social engineer actively working in advocating for and helping transition the mainstream population to that of more sustainable & socially connective communities (also referred to as “Eco Villages”) to help improve quality of life for all people as well as helping reduce impact on the planet so that it may be enjoyed 4 generations to come.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Jimmy’s story of tiny house living and some reasons for going tiny

  • Intentional eco-communities and his thoughts on creating guiding principles, framework and guidance for living in community

  • How Jimmy found a parking space for his tiny home

  • The mutually beneficial relationship with your landowner

  • All about what Jimmy is creating with Polkadot

  • Lots more!

You can follow Jimmy’s tiny adventures here:

Resources mentioned in this conversation:

You can follow Lucy Lich's tiny adventures here:

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