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A display of an affordable, eco, mobile, modular building system for off-grid Tiny Houses On Wheels

Tiny Houses On Wheels are being strongly touted by the community and the media as being one of the best medium-term solutions to housing affordability, housing distress and disaster.

The Polkadot Tiny House is one of the most toured Tiny Houses On Wheels in Australia, and one of the most innovative featuring off-grid and off-road features in one small yet technologically advanced, innovative and self-contained space, it features all the mod-cons of your standard house plus more!

They not only would create affordable housing for younger generations (millennials, Gen Z) who are unlikely to ever be able to save up to buy a house and land, but also provide great accommodation for rural farm workers and enable 'aging in place' for property owners, when combined with the Polkadot App, would help create and build trust between tenants and landowners, and therein even lead to a more sustainable and connective as well as more meaningful way to live.

Fund-raising for our NFP is through our very popular Old Fashioned Lemonade Stall which helps cover costs, our community work, and touring fees.

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We serve up a famous recipe for Old Fashioned Lemonade along with a delicious Orange Mango Passionfruit drink and a Virgin Piña Colada mocktail.


We also feature drought-busting Air To Water machines which supply free and sustainable solar-powered ice cubes, for the lemonades, from out of thin air and using the sun's energy. It's educational as well as experiential.


In selected locations, we may play vintage and fun singalong and dance songs throughout the daytimes.

At night time, this Tiny House converts into a Disco, flashes its lights, plays dance music through hi quality speakers, has disco lighting and effects such as a bubble machine!



Jimmyz Hirst (MC/DJ)


Jimmy is a former leading double platinum-selling DJ hailing from the Nova FM network, Club [V] and Channel [V] on Foxtel, Austereo Sea/Hot FM, and Wild FM Sydney and Brisbane as chief music programmer, and one of the country's leading touring DJ's, with media experience and a seasoned performer who's inspired millions.

Organiser and Founding Director of Polkadot, Jimmy is passionate about inspiring and building the tools to help people live more sustainably, while feeling a greater sense of community which may lead to a more contented and meaningful way for people to live. 

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