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The Seven Magic Cleaning Ingredients You Will Ever Need To Clean A House

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

White vinegar, methylated spirits, baking soda, basic soap, clove oil, kerosene and turpentine are the only cleaning products you will ever need to clean a house, especially a Tiny House where size and weight is concerned. Mould is a common problem to all housing, and Tiny Housing is no exception. Naturally recommended remedies to kill and remove mould are these basics: a few drops of clove oil, a cup of vinegar dissolved in a litre of water. Use kitchen gloves, not your hands.

They may carry a slight odour/smell.

Vinegar mixed with silicon sealant makes a mould resistant seal. Be careful of using vinegar on metal surfaces because vinegar is an acid and may be corrosive.

There is a common misconception that bleach gets rid of mould - it "bleaches" it so you cannot see it, yes - but some of it may still be there. Bleach itself is toxic, and it stinks.

Be wary of household cleaning products on supermarket shelves. They generally contain any combination of these basic ingredients or chemically similar versions yet are clogged with scented aromatics and all sorts of weird and unnecessary chemicals that are toxic and may negatively impact people's health as well as the environment. As well as being expensive. Generally, when you buy chemical cleaners, we are paying for marketing. We don't need them. Just use the basics above, they do just as good a job. A simple internet search will reveal how best to most effectively apply them.

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